An All-New Approach to Heart Monitoring

because your comfort is important.

If you have ever worn a conventional heart monitor (Holter), you know how uncomfortable the experience can be.

In most cases, your doctor will prescribe a monitor in order to track your heart rhythm during your daily routine. But can you really have a normal day while wearing a bulky pack?

Now there's an alternative.

Introducing CardioSTAT®

CardioSTAT is a compact, discrete and exceptionally comfortable heart monitor that will allow you to stay active throughout the day. You may continue wearing it through your workout sessions and even in the shower. Also, it will not affect your sleep.

The CardioSTAT monitor offers an unmatched comfort. In fact, you might even forget that you are wearing it!

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Conventional Holter monitor

Conventional Holter monitor

CardioSTAT monitor

CardioSTAT monitor

For me, this CardioSTAT equipment is the best I have ever had for a heart monitor test.
— Betty D. B., Niagara, Ontario

How the CardioSTAT Test Works

No more waiting! Begin the test as soon as you get your prescription.


1. Installation

With your prescription in hand, you will make an appointment at a clinic or a point of service in the province of Quebec for the installation of the CardioSTAT monitor.


2. recording

You will carry your daily activities in comfort while the device records each of your heartbeats.


3. Return

You will return the monitor using the pre-paid envelope by depositing it in a mailbox.


4. Results

Your results will be communicated to you by your doctor.



The CardioSTAT heart monitor is showerproof. You can maintain your daily hygiene routine without interrupting the recording.

Comfortable All Day

Compact, flexible and lightweight, the CardioSTAT monitor stays comfortable at all times, even during physical exercise.

Mark your symptoms

When symptoms occur, you can easily record them by pressing a button located on the front of the device.

Quick and easy return

Once the recording period is completed, simply return the monitor using the provided pre-stamped envelope.

Thanks for this machine! It’s incredible! I thought I would need to sleep with a good old Holter with all those wires for a full week, but no! Everything went very well.
— Marco B., Saint-Eustache, Quebec

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not currently wearing a CardioSTAT recorder

How can I get the CardioSTAT test?
The CardioSTAT test is available only under prescription. If you do not have a medical prescription for the CardioSTAT test or if you have a prescription for a Holter, you must talk to your doctor to get a prescription for a CardioSTAT test.

What is the CardioSTAT test?
The device records the electrical activity related to your heartbeat during the whole time it is worn. Once the recording period has been completed, the device must be returned by mail to the analysis center. A specialized technologist will analyze the recorded data and provide a report to a physician who will be responsible for interpreting the results. These will be communicated to you by your prescribing physician.

Where can I get a CardioSTAT recorder installed?
You must have a doctor's prescription for a CardioSTAT test. Your prescribing doctor will tell you where to make an appointment to have your device installed. You can also consult the list of points of service in the province of Quebec where you can make an appointment. 

How should I prepare for the CardioSTAT test?
Do not apply lotion or cream on the torso. Wear a garment that facilitates access to the torso (for example, a shirt). Bring your list of medications.


If you are currently wearing a CardioSTAT recorder

IMPORTANT: You must follow the instructions given to you by the medical staff. If in doubt, please contact the hospital, clinic or point of service where your device was installed.

What should I do if the device detaches from the electrodes (adhesive pads directly applied to your skin)?
If the device detaches from one or both of the electrodes, simply reattach it and note the time and duration of the detachment on the log book that was given to you during installation. If the recorder detaches completely, be sure to place it in the correct orientation by referring to the writing on the device.

What should I do if I feel pain under the device?
It is normal to feel a slight tingling under the adhesive surfaces following installation. If pain persists, consult your doctor. If in doubt, always refer to your doctor.

Do I have to return the notebook in the envelope with the device?
You must always return the notebook with your device, even if you did not note any information.

Is the CardioSTAT test reimbursed by private insurance?
If you paid for the CardioSTAT test yourself, the cost may be covered by your private insurance. Please consult your insurer specifying that this is an "ambulatory ECG test".