A Smarter Ambulatory ECG Monitor.


CardioSTAT is a compact, light and comfortable ECG recorder designed for long-term continuous ECG and high quality recording.

With its exceptional comfort, it ensures optimal patient compliance for the prescribed duration. CardioSTAT provides clinicians with the ideal tool for accurate cardiac rhythm diagnosis.


Efficient Detection of Atrial Fibrillation

Prolonged continous ECG monitoring significantly increases AF detection

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common arrhythmia with increasing prevalence over time. It is associated with an increased risk of stroke. In patients in whom paroxysmal AF (PAF) is suspected, longer periods of monitoring will detect more cases of PAF.

CardioSTAT provides up to 14 days of continuous ambulatory ECG monitoring.

Detect AF After Cryptogenic Stroke or tia

Identification of AF is key to secondary stroke prevention. However, paroxysmal AF can be difficult to detect with conventional 24 to 48-hour Holter monitoring and is likely under-diagnosed in patients with stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). Prolonged ECG monitoring significantly increases the detection of AF.

The vast majority of patients with cryptogenic stroke/TIA should be investigated with prolonged heart rhythm monitoring of at least a few weeks.
— Dr Steve Verreault, Neurologist, MD, FRCPC Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec; Principal Investigator EMBRACE Study, Hopital de l'Enfant-Jesus site.

Get Results You Can Act Upon at the Right Time.

A simple and efficient workflow reduces time to diagnosis.


ECG reports available sooner

The single-use concept of CardioSTAT allows for the recording to begin as soon as possible; no need to wait for a recorder to be available.

Once the recording period is completed, the patient simply returns the recorder using a pre-stamped envelope.

Data is analysed at our service centre by a highly qualified certified technologist and a report is sent electronically to the physician who will perform the interpretation. 

ECG Reports You Can Trust.

quality ECG data with highly efficient analysis


Low skin impedance levels are vital for optimum ECG signal quality. Other "patch-like" recorders use dry electrodes, which are prone to creating artifacts that distort the ECG signal.

The most effective method to achieve low impedance is through an electrolytic gel. This is the reason why CardioSTAT relies on standard gel electrodes to achieve the highest possible signal quality.


Thanks to our highly efficient proprietary analysis system, our certified technologists go through 100% of the ECG signal. We provide superior quality results to the prescribing clinician, including:

  • Atrial fibrillation burden
  • Flutter burden
  • AV Blocks and pauses
  • Supraventricular ectopics
  • Ventricular ectopics including morphology counts
  • Hourly distribution of all ECG events

Designed for Both Clinicians and Patients

Extended recording

Each CardioSTAT device records up to 14 days of continuous ECG data. Use multiple devices sequentially for longer recording periods.

Installs in minutes

CardioSTAT installs in a fraction of the time it takes for a conventional Holter.


CardioSTAT is showerproof. Patients can maintain their daily hygiene routine without interrupting the recording.

High quality recording

CardioSTAT uses standard gel electrodes to obtain the best possible ECG signal.

Higher patient compliance

The compact, flexible and lightweight design ensures the highest level of comfort for the patient, even during exercise. This helps increase patient compliance.

Patient event button

Patients can easily mark their symptoms with a conveniently located button.

Quick and easy return

Once the recording period is completed, the patient simply returns the recorder using a pre-stamped envelope.

Available when you need it

It's single-use, so there is always a device available for your patients.

CardioSTAT has freed my patients from wearing and returning bulky uncomfortable monitors. A better patient experience leads to better tests and better outcomes.
— Dr Edward G. Davies, Chief of Cardiology, The Scarborough Hospital Group, ON


  • Mass: 20 g (0.7 oz)

  • Recording duration: up to 14 days/device

  • Shelf life: 18 months

By doctor’s referral only in the UK. Not directly available to patients.
Health Canada Class 2 Medical Device License Number 93860.
BSI Class IIa Medical Device License Number CE631968.

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